Kill Command MoP Beta Hunter

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: A WoW video of the Mists of Pandaria hunter changes to Kill Command – which are awesome. Also, I should have stopped recording halfway through and never tried to daze my pet. Especially since if you look carefully it was dazed a couple of other time earlier.

There are two big changes to Kill Command in MoP that make BM hunters’ life much easier. The first is that it has a 100 yard activation range — your pet still needs to be in melee to actually damage the target, but you can trigger Kill Command when you’re pet is a bit away and it will save it up for when it gets there.

The other big improvement in MoP is that if your pet is not in melee range when you trigger Kill Command, the pet will speed to it’s target as if it’s under the effects of Charge (even if dazed — really). This is a huge boon for BM hunters, especially during target switching fights.

Now BM hunters will no longer need to wait on their signature shot and nerf their rotations while their pet is moving from one target to another.

Also, it turns out there’s a limit to how many giant wasps your pet can have attacking it without any heals or dps, before the pet eventually dies. Who knew?

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