A Murder of Crows MoP Hunter Beta

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: This WoW video shows the new Mists of Pandaria hunter talent A Murder of Crows in action, as well as describes exactly how the ability works and how it scales with hunter stats.

A Murder of Crows is one of the new level 75 hunter talents available in MoP. From testing it appears that a total of 15 crows appears during the first 15 seconds of the ability, and then continue to attack for the next 15 seconds.

The damage of A Murder of Crows scales with 4% of hunter ranged attack power, and 100% of hunter hit, expertise, and crit. It does not seem to scale with haste at all. The crows in the murder do base damage in addition to the 4% RAP, but we don’t yet know what that base damage will be at level 90 (at 85 the base damage was 790 on a level 85 creature).

The crows in A Murder of Crows can be targeted and they do have health and can be killed — their health is equal to 5% of the hunter health.

Overall A Murder of Crows is a pretty sweet new dps cooldown for WoW hunters with a nice graphic appearance. The dps of it does ramp up a bit, so in burst dps situations hunters will want to trigger it a bit early so that the damage is hitting hardest when we need it to.

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