World of Lae: Hunter Gear

Laeleiweyn at World of Lae: There was a series of blog posts several months ago regarding “do you show off your geekness?” I’m slow, so here’s my post finally :)

Yes, I mention World of Warcraft to my coworkers. My screen saver at work is the picture to the right; United Hunters of Azeroth, which I made for my post about The Hunter Faction. And I wear t-shirts under my lab coat. I have several from the WHU store; Awesomesauce + more. And I often borrow Ponder’s Pure Pwnage “OMFG STFU”-t-shirt, which is especially nice if my mood is bad.

At home I have a big poster and a statue of Lae. The poster is from PrintWarcraft and shows her in tier 10, Argent Crusader’s Tabard, with a big white wolf and the draenei crest. The statue is from FigurePrints and shows her in tier 12. The choice in gear wasn’t based on preference, more to show when I placed the orders.

I like all the things I have. BUT I’m also supposed to be a grown-up. So I wish there were more subtle ways of showing where you “belong”. . . . Read full article


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