Zumio: MoP Beta – HUGE Buffs to Snake Trap

Zumio: Became aware of this pretty substantial hunter change and decided it was big enough to make a video on – Entrapment (the root talent) is Survival only and so before the buff MM/BM hunters had NO use for snake trap anymore, but Blizzard have picked up on this fact. They have changed the snakes to scale with the hunter, which means they do a lot more damage (500-1.1k at the moment) and have a lot more hp (currently 21k). Obviously as you level and gear up, the snakes will become more powerful.

It also looks like the dot mechanic has changed – they seen to only be applied to the NPC/player that triggered the trap rather than all creatures in the immediate vicinity. Great changes, nice to see that we didn’t gain a good trap (explosive trap) at the expense of another (snake trap). Enjoy!

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