Elitist Jerks Weekly Recap 4/6/12

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Kill Command 4/1/12

In the Mists of Pandaria thread, Kaitain wrote, “I noticed a small but relevant tooltip change on the MoP wowhead site

Current Kill Command: Kill Command – Spell – World of Warcraft
New Kill Command: Kill Command – Spell – World of Warcraft

(you have to click the links, the tooltips are showing as the same thing)

The change is: The pet must be in combat and within 5 yards of the target to Kill Command.
range increase to: The pet must be within 25 yards of the target to Kill Command.

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List of Hunter Soloing Resources 4/4/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Tabana wrote, “I’ve put together a linked outline of hunter soloing resources: Hunter Soloing, from Classic to Cataclysm: Tips, Guides, Strategies, and Videos | WoW Hunters Hall. It is primarily intended to be a quick reference source for those seeking information on how to solo a specific boss (that has already been soloed). Comments/suggestions welcome.

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Soloing in Beta 4/2/12

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil wrote, “I have being trying the Beta. For the moment, the feedback for soloing is:

  • Lost 23K health, so pet went from 146K to 119K… if talents were working. But with the new spirit bond, pet healing should be a bit better.”
  • Seems they removed pet talents: tenacity pets now automatically have blood of the rhino, great stamina, last stand… Unless they plan on implementing pet talents later.
  • For the moment, pet passive abilities are not working. Arcane (ferocity, name is just wrong) pet health = tenacity pet health, same thing for armor and other stats.
  • NO INTERVENE – if they don’t change that, goodbye serious bosses.

After a very expected wipe on Brutallus, it seems the pet is considered a guardian:

  • level 72 elite mobs always miss/dodge/parry the pet.
  • Misdirecting to the pet was impossible
  • Growl worked like a taunt
  • Pet at full size.

Seems the developers haven’t taken care of pets. Hope they’ll do it before beta ends.

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Maximizing Damage on Regenerative Blood in Madness of Deathwing Hard Mode 3/28/15

In the Survival thread,  Phaidon wrote, “What exactly do you have to do as an SV hunter to maximize your damage on the blood adds?”

Grishaan replied, “Just simply multi-shot and use explosive trap as he should do in any aoe-situation. The Multi-shot, the serpent spread with it and the explo-trap all proc spellweave.”

Hamsda replied, “Simply put he has 2 choices: a) Launch an Explosive Trap and then use multishot or b) just multishot”

In our kills [...] the bloods do not live long enough and are not static enough to make use of an explosive trap, therefore simply multishotting is the best solution. Even though it requires only a few ticks on so many targets from the explosive trap to out dps a black arrow, the lost chances for lock and load should make it a net dps loss in comparison to just using multishot.

Pooling some focus might help to fire several multishots in the short burn period of the bloods without having to use cobra shot to regain focus. Survival hunters with serpent spread are great for aoeing the bloods because there are multiple possibilities per blood to trigger spellweave. [...]

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