Thoughts on Girl Gamers

Laeleiweyn at World of Lae: I’ve recently read a lot of blog posts concerning sexism, racism and other stereotypisms; how we all subconsciously or consciously discriminate not only others, but also ourselves (!) because of gender, race, sexual orientation etc. [...]  I consider myself a feminist. Not the kind of feminist that wants women to take over the world, but the kind of feminist that wants there to be equal rights and equal possibilities no matter what gender you are. The kind of feminist that wants gender to not be either a limitation or a bonus; but to not matter!

Using Frostheim and Zeherah as examples. Is it because Frostheim is male that his website is one of the best sources of hunter info out there? Is it despite that he’s male? Would Warcraft Hunters Union be better if he was a she? Is it because Zeherah is female that her website is the best hunter optimizing tool out there? Is it despite that she’s female? Would be even better if she was a he? No, of course not. Their sites are best because they’re great hunters who happen to be excellent at theorycrafting. They both fill very important roles in our hunter community, and thank the Titans we have them! . . . . Read full article

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