WoW Hunters Hall February Traffic Report

I predicted that February would be a slow month, at the WHH and other WoW sites, due to the short month and being the absolute low point of the end of expansion doldrums. People already know what they need to know, have killed what they need to kill, but there’s no substantial new Mists of Pandaria news until March.

This prediction proved correct for the WHH, and for every other WoW site that I’m aware of. I’m comforted that the WHH is in good company with the traffic slump, and hope to see things spike up as the MoP news starts to flow in.

Traffic Overview

In February WoW Hunters Hall had 38,835 visits and 89,020 page views, with a total of 22,325  unique visitors. This is a drop of about 4k unique visitors and a drop of about 20k page views.

The traffic split between search engines, referring sites, and direct visits is almost identical to January, with again a majority (or plurality technically) of traffic coming from search engines, which is a good thing. It’s from the search engines that we’re most likely to attract new users of the WHH.

Referring Sites

The top referring sites (sites with a link to WoW Hunters Hall that people clicked on to get here) breaks down as follows:

We have some significant changes to the referring traffic breakdown this month. The most notable is that YouTube has jumped up to the number two position. This is largely due to Tabana featuring prominent hunter videos on the WHH, and those videos then get enough views from us that YouTube displays the “As Seen on WoW Hunters Hall” on the YouTube page, letting people click back to find us.

We also had Twitter show up on the list, which is nice to see. We do have a WHH Twitter account, where you can be notified every time a new post goes up. And finally, the WHU’s share of the traffic dropped considerably. Part of this is due to the increase in referrals from YouTube and Twitter decreasing the WHU’s share, but part of it is also a substantial drop in raw numbers, due no doubt to the fact that WHU traffic declined in February as well (and possibly because I didn’t actually feature the WHH in a post this month, so it was just referrals from the WHH sidebar widget).


The top several keyword phrases were variations of WoW Hunters Hall, accounting for about 7.0% of all search traffic. The top non-branded keyword phrases driving traffic were:

  • shannox heroic hunters guide
  • wow hunter
  • best hunter spec
  • hunter transmog ideas
  • hunter 4.3 gear
  • hunter solo sunwell
  • hunter gear 4.3

Hottest Hunter Articles

Of the 89,020 page views WoW Hunters Hall received in February, 22.27% were the home page. After that the top viewed pages were as follows. Note that while this is interesting data, articles posted early in the month have an advantage, and those posted at the very end have a severe disadvantage (given the amount of time they have to collect views for the month).

Regional Stats

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