World First Hunter Solos: Instructor Razuvious (25), The Four Horsemen (25), and Koralon the Flamewatcher (25)

Instructor Razuvious (25)

Caribald: Took me over 70 wipes to finally get it right. Since you can’t Mind Control adds like on 10 man, they must be tanked by the pet while doing the Distracting Shot kiting as on 10-man. Jagged Knife does more initial damage and is cast more frequently (almost chain dotting you), so Chimera Shot only will not actually keep you up. The hardest part is damaging adds while kiting Razuvious without getting hit. Normally you would cast Distracting Shot at max range when Razuvious is not all the way at the pet yet, but to damage them you need to be closer, and you still need to keep Razuvious off your pet.

One thing I did was that every minute, Shell Shield + Cower would be up, so for the duration of those, the pet can actually tank. This is also useful for reapplying MD threat on the adds. I also marked each add so I could know the difference, and sometimes switch which one the pet was attacking. After getting adds down, the fight continues as on 10 man, except it’s quite a lot longer and a single mistake can still cost the kill. You can barely keep up your hp by pet tanking every minute and doing an intervene, while spamming Chim Shot every time it’s off cooldown. If you don’t get melee hit by Razuvious when adds are up (or by an add for too long), hp shouldn’t be a problem, but that’s easier said than done.

The Four Horsemen (25)

Caribald: This fight is all about finding the right tactic, and getting the first horsemen down quick enough so pet can survive. I tank both Baron and Thane in between Zeliek and Blaumeux, so pet takes all 4 marks. I burn Thane and go in LoS of Zeliek to reduce pet damage. Once Thane dies, a pet switch soon becomes necessary. Even though a pet easily can go to crazy high stacks like 20+ with only one horseman left, with 3 up it can’t go very far up. When switching pets, I Deterrence, wait for 7222 to stop while placing the pet same place as before, Feign Death and MD Baron. I kill Baron next, and during Baron another pet switch is probably needed. Since the damage is now much lower (about 4k+ dps less on pet), I can run out of range of Baron’s mark and bandage. Everything stabilizes once Baron is tanked safely with the pet. Once he dies, I don’t move the pet, because I need it to take both marks. Zeliek didn’t want to nuke the pet when I showed myself, so killing him took longer than the others. With only Blaumeux left, I just sent pet in and she gladly shot the turtle instead of me :)

In short, find tactic, have enough dps and be good enough at keeping pet alive and switching them out, and they will die eventually.

Koralon the Flame Watcher 25 man

Caribald: It’s pretty easy actually as a hunter, he doesn’t seem to have a hard enrage even though DBM has a timer for it (nothing happens when that timer expires). He moves so slowly that one can easily heal pet to full while boss can’t hit it by just using Master’s Call or Intervene and running away with the pet on follow. Near the end, I will use that tactic because he starts hitting pretty hard.

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