Hunter Solo: XT-002 Deconstructor (10), Hard Mode (Heartbreaker)

Caribald/Vandpistol (EU – Tarren Mill) has soloed XT-002 Deconstructor (10) on hard mode (Heartbreaker) for a hunter world-first:

This is definitely the hardest I’ve done yet. Nothing comes even CLOSE. It takes “perfect execution” to whole new levels. Every tantrum must be absorbed with TWO intervenes. Very few mistakes can be made here, perhaps one Tantrum with just one Intervene is possible, but anything more than that and you’re probably dead. At least with 394 average ilvl, which is what I had here. A good tip is to use Last Stand before intervene in situations where you know you can’t get a new pet out in time to absorb back to back with the first one; the best example of this is probably the first Tantrum after you kill the heart, since you will have adds to take care of. If you get any pummellers you will want to kill those and just let XT eat the Scrapbots, he’s on full health at that time anyway.

The two things that make this ridiculously hard are that pets spawn with 7k HP, and you MUST wait for your pet to get to its real hp before intervening, or you will only absorb around 3.6k (Intervene absorbs half your pets health until a direct hit has been taken or 10 seconds have passed). The second thing is Life Sparks. . . . Read Vandpistol’s full comment on YouTube.

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