Heroic Hagara the Stormbinder: Hunter Tips

On the MMO Champion Hunter Forum, Zergal wrote, “My guild finally got Zon’ozz down, we’re now 4/8H, we’re about to start working on Hagara tonight and I’d really appreciate if any Hunters experienced on this fight would feel like giving me pointers to optimize my performance. As Survival, when do you actually pop Rapid Fire? First feedback? I’m not sure what else to ask, but if you [have] any small tricks or something I might have not thought about, anything is going to be appreciated .”

Highlights of the resulting discussion are recapped below. You can follow the ongoing thread in its entirety on the MMO-C Hunter Forum.

Timoseewho: “Aspect of the Pack helps big time on ice unless your healers opt for the ‘stack in mid’ strat. Aspect of the Wild is also nice during lightning if you don’t have a Shaman. Master’s Call is also helpful during ice to let you run through patches.”

Oricc: “I hope you’re using the stack in middle strat and bring almost no melee, but if you are running around outside, or have a few melee running while you all stack, glyphing aspect of the pack is a good idea. Since the fight is only 6 minutes long and DPS doesn’t really matter after the final ice/lightning phase I’d definitely save RF for the first feedback but don’t stack it with BL if you’re getting that too. Aspect of the Wild is great for lightning phase if your shaman is on the other side of the room or if you don’t have one, and try to lay an explosive trap underneath wherever the tombs are going to land in advance so you can proc more LnL’s. Other than that it’s quite a fun and easy fight.

Geoz: “Have glyph of raptor strike, and spam it during lightning phase if you aren’t a runner. During ice phase, I usually stay on one shard til it’s dead to maximize dps, also you can fd ice lance off for your stack to reset.

Zergal: “Down after 3 hours of progression.”

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