The “Increased Movement Speed” Speech

Laeleiweyn at World of Lae: What does movement speed increase not help you with? Reaction time.

What does it help you with? Well, for example, in Dragon Soul it helps you:

  • Run to the crystals on Morchok x % faster
  • Run behind a rock in Black Blood-phase x % faster
  • Stack and spread x % faster on Yon’ozz
  • Stack and spread x % faster on Yor’sahj
  • Run to the middle when you’re about to be icetombed on Hagara x % faster
  • Avoid the ice-thingies on Hagara x % faster
  • Chain the lightning x % faster
  • Get to the green/red/blue-crystal x % faster on Ultraxion
  • Move to big and small swirly x % faster on ship
  • Move out of blue [stuff] x % faster
  • Move out of Shockwave x % faster
  • Get secured x % faster on Spine
  • Kite adds over to tank x % faster
  • Move away from Elementium Bolt impact area x % faster on Madness
As a hunter, moving faster when you have to move, means you have more time to stand still when you’re finally “there.” [...] [I] use Assassin’s Step for my raiding gear. . . . Read full article
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