Uncovering The Cloak Problem

Kheldul at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer: Cloaks do not drop in the Dragon Soul raid.  There are a whole bunch of cloaks that are Firelands tier or better which we might have. But really only three of them look good.  (And I don’t mean for transmogrification.)  Those three are the following:

1: Lord Rhyolith’s Dreadfire Drape.  It’s old Firelands and item level 378.
2: Lord Rhyolith’s Heroic Dreadfire Drape.  It’s pretty pimped at item level 391.
3: The Batwing Cloak.  It sounds great and has the highest item level at 397.
Okay so what’s the problem to uncover?  They all do look pretty good.  They do, but the Batwing Cloak has less agility than not just the heroic FL cloak, but the normal FL cloak drop.  If we assume non-heroic gemming, then the stats work out like this: . . . Read full article
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