The Real Achievement

Pradzha at Piercing Shots: I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in having that second of hesitation when I’m asked to talk about my hobbies or what I do for fun. I mean, I do a lot of things other than work, eat, and sleep. Playing an MMO is hardly my only hobby, but it is one of them. And I don’t even care about the “those games are for nerds, real people play Madden and Halo” sorts of people. I have to say I’m completely indifferent to their opinions.

I’m much more sensitive to an objection that I’ve never actually heard, one that goes something along the lines of “how can you play an MMO? Don’t you know it’s just a virtual Skinner box with a variable interval payment schedule?” And well, yes, there is that element to them. That is a true statement; it is not, however, the only true statement. . . . Read full article
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