Dragon Soul: Boss Strategy Guides and Videos for Hunters

Frostheim: This page is a WHH curated page collecting all quality boss guides and Dragon Soul strategy guides from a hunter perspective. These Dragon Soul strategy guides will cover tricks and tips that hunters can employ in boss encounters in 10-man and 25-man Dragon Soul, normal mode and heroic. In addition to written boss guides, Tabana has also collected here hunter-perspective boss videos so you can see the fight in action. The guides collected here will teach you everything a hunter needs to know to slay your way through Dragon Soul, and top the charts while doing it.

These Dragon Soul boss guides and videos have been written by the hunter community across the internet, and the links will direct you to their sites. If you’re aware of any other quality boss guides (or take issue with any of the ones listed here) please leave a comment!

Tabana: In this collection of boss strategy guides, four levels of detail are given for each normal encounter so that you can choose the level that best serves your needs. If you’re familiar with the encounters and just looking for hunter-specific tips, see the hunter tips and tricks references listed at the top of the page from Rinku and Eidotrope.

If you need a quick overall guide to the encounters from a hunter’s perspective, Morynne’s and my guides are tailored for hunters. The Icy Veins guides listed here were written for DPS, and the L2R video guides provide overall strategy.

You’ll find guides, tips and hunter PoV videos for heroic encounters listed after the normal mode guides.

For more WHH hunter guide compilations (PvP, Soloing, and more) see our curated content page.

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Last updated 3/9/12

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