Elitist Jerks Weekly Recap 11/18/11

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Macroing Focus Fire into Shots 11/11/11

In the Beast Mastery thread, Hirgux questioned an earlier post where it was stated that macroing Focus Fire into shots never resulted in lost dps:

This may theoretically be true but I tried BM a few minutes ago on a dummy with a FF/CS [Cobra Shot] macro and sometimes I get 12% haste and sometimes 15% haste when only pushing this macro with no other shots. Ideas why this might happen? (I’m hitcapped of course).

Fluflis replied, “If you have the buff the pet provides on autocast (or growl) it eats a global cooldown of your pet to cast it. So instead of making 15 seconds for 5 stacks your pet needs 16 instead.”

Hirgux said, “No, everything except Bite was disabled. World of Logs – Real Time Raid Analysis -> Buffs cast -> Frenzy Effect – press on #. So maybe not a good idea to macro FF into other shots?”

Ishalla replied, “Pretty much that is the general opinion regarding it.”

You can get much closer to 100% uptime via macroing it into shots, but the odds are you’re going to be popping it on 12% haste buff and occasionally you might get even less than that and that just gets worse the minute you get into any fight like let’s say Staghelm where your pet is having to move a lot to stay on its target. So yeah just unmacro it and accept those moments when you’re either mid-shot when it procs or have to wait 2-3 seconds after the CD ends for your pet to reach full frenzy stacks.

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When to Cast Aimed Shot 11/17/11

In the Marksmanship thread, rus asked if it was advisable to cast Aimed Shot when The Hungerer and Matrix Restabilizer proc.

Whitefyst replied, “Anytime your AI cast time is below 1.8sh seconds and you are not in threat of having the cast interrupted, then you should cast AI.”

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Is Survival Being Played Optimally? Part II 11/11/11

In the Survival thread, Shadowwaltz continued a previous conversation regarding the Survival spec, “The easier rotation isn’t really an advantage, since Arcane Shot marks is even easier and is still higher DPS. The raid buff is really nice, no denying that, but since every DPS DK has to be frost right now [...] it’s not a huge problem.

As far as player skill mattering, all I meant was that anyone who’s good enough at marks will be able to do more DPS as marks than surv on virtually every fight.

Andil replied, “In my opinion it’s far more easy to mess up with the marksman rotation than with the SV rotation, especially when you have to pay a lot of attention to your surroundings.”

Getting the most benefit out of dynamic haste effects is more difficult as marksman compared to SV, especially if a lot of movement is involved. These circumstances lower the theoretical difference between SV and MM.  [...] The gap might be much smaller than most people expect from the pure numbers (which don’t mimic a realistic fight anyway).

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T.N.T. Buffed in Patch 4.3 11/15/11

In the Survival thread, Rexak posted an update from PTR Build 14995:

Survival: T.N.T. now has a 10/20% chance to proc, up from 6/12%.

Another nice boost which further closes the gap bettween Survival and MM.

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Lock and Load Internal Cooldown 11/15/11

In the Survival thread, Gada posted, “not sure if intended or bug but I seemed to get multiple LnL [Lock and Load] procs off one BA [Black Arrow] application. They removed / forgot LnL cooldown ?”

Neruse replied, “I’m on the PTR right now and I’ve gotten LnL procs within 10-15s of another via Explosive Trap. And I just had an occurance of one LnL proc on the second tick of BA, and a second LnL proc on the last of the same BA.

I can still get a LnL proc from BA/ExT [Explosive Trap] and then force proc Ice Trap for another LnL. Force proccing Ice Trap for LnL then getting another LnL proc, faster than the 22s ICD, from ExT also works.

Pichuca added, “I was able to get back to back LnL proccs combining Ice+ Explosive trap. [...]” Pichuca included combat logs in the post.

Carlaena posted combat logs showing Lock and Load procs from both Explosive Trap and Black Arrow and wrote, “It took me about 25 mins to get the BA one to occur. It could be coincidence, but they are both 12 seconds apart… possible new ICD? Need more data to confirm of course.”

Pichuca replied, “What I meant is that using both Ice and Explosive Trap I could get proccs within 1-2 sec instead of 12 sec while using BA or Explosive only. In fact the above log I posted shows proccs within 10 secs with Explosive Trap”

Warper added, “This behavious exists on live servers since 4.0 if not even earlier. Ice trap triggers “weak L’n'L” (as I call it) if it debuffs target.”

Apparently it doesn’t work on bosses and boss level dummies. As far as I remember in 4.0 and early 4.1 it did not overcome Explosive Shot cooldown even though LnL buff appeared. Testing it in 4.2 I got a bit different result. Now it provides LnL buff and instantly removes ExS cooldown.

Black Arrow, Fire Trap, Explosive Trap and Freezing Trap trigger “strong L’n'L”. It provides LnL buff and instantly removes ExS cooldown. This effect is not blocked by internal cooldown of weak LnL, that is you can get weak LnL and then strong LnL during weak LnL internal CD. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in opposite direction, so Ice Trap after recent BA’s LnL will not grant you another LnL.

This kind of mechanics provides magnificient possibilities for bosses with minions. For example, you can get 2 LnL procs in one Ragnaros transition phase. You can make similar tricks for Betty (on small spiders), Ryolith (fragments are all yours), Alisrazor (especially useful on meteors). I believe survival spec has not got enough love of community even though it can beat marksman in some encounters.

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Lock and Load and Focus Fire Buffs Supported 11/14/11

In the Hunter DPS Analyzer thread, Rivkah announced, “I added support for the most recently announced PTR changes- the buff to Lock and Load proc rate and the increase in Focus Fire duration.

I also adjusted the default behavior of Lock and Load to delay 2nd Explosive Shot by 1 sec instead of interleaving another shot. There’s a setting under shot priority to override this behavior.

Carlaena replied, “Amazing work getting this done so quickly Rivkah . I’m seeing it as being something close to 3% (or slightly under) increase to SV, on top of the roughly 4% from the ES changes.”

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Marksmanship Soloing Guide Completed 11/17/11

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil announced, “I finished my guide Durendil : Hunter soloing about marksmanship and soloing.”

Since this is my first spec guide, I would enjoy feedback (in the comments), mainly:
-was there something original but useful?
-something totally superfluous?
-is there an error somewhere?
-is something missing?

Thanks for your help.

Mericet replied, “I think it would be worth adding a section about the pet talent Intervene.”

In the current implementation (which is not explained clearly at all by the tooltip) pet Intervene buffs you with a shield that will absorb only 1 attack, but up to a value of half your pet’s max HP. This can be useful for all sorts of things, but specifically I’ve seen it used to great effect against Kil’jaeden and his Darkness of a Thousand Souls attack (it eats the entire thing).

Durendil replied, “Thanks for the feedback. I personally never use Intervene, so I don’t know for sure what it absorbs: DoT, AoE, direct spells, only physical damage attacks?”

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High Warlord Naj’entus in Black Temple 11/12/11

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Sepultura posted, “High Warlord Naj’entus soloed. Probably will not go to Durendil list because he hates this bug but it’s a solo. I really don’t see any other way of doing it.”

Hunter solo High Warlord Naj’entus – YouTube Hit the boss once at least, so you can loot him after, and let your pet do the rest. When he bubbles he will start to heal himself and here comes the bug. Run away from your pet to despawn him and run to boss. FD and call pet fast. This will make the boss reset for a second and loose all the buffs/debuffs.

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Malygos 25 in Eye of Eternity 11/17/11

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil wrote, ” Spoiler for next guide: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/508…1611222213.jpg

Mericet replied, “In that screenshot it’s a little hard to see, but it looks like the achievement says 25 player Malygos? With the timer at over 45 minutes you’ve definitely reached the Berserk, so that means you were able to avoid it somehow. [...]

Durendil replied, “As for Malygos, guide here: Durendil : Hunter soloing: Malygos 25 down. Basically, I made him Berserk before the adds spawned and left a Nexus Lord alive for 30 minutes… My patience was put to the test. [See our WHH recap here]

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