Hunter Solo: Atramedes!

T11 is open for soloing, hunters. Mione, the Death Knight who soloed the Lich King has soloed Atramedes on her hunter!

What’s important to know:
- Intervene can negate a Modulation tick entirely and I found the most practical use was right after evey sonic breath since Atramedes casts modulation 100% of the time right after it.
- Deterrence counters Searing Flames and is exactly on the same cooldown as Searing Flames (2 minutes)
- You must not have any DoT on Atramedes during air phase (including Piercing Shots) or the sonic breath won’t stop targeting you. Disengage, wait for a sonar bomb to spawn, feign death, wait a sec or two, and you’re safe. That’s also why I’m not using Serpent Sting (because of chimera refreshing it)

Rest is pretty much common sense.

If you’re a true glutton for punishment and want to watch the full 40+ minute fight, click here. You can also read her blog entry about the fight (in French) here.

This article is included in the WHH compilation: Hunter Soloing Guides: Cataclysm.

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