Hunter DPS Review

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union:  In his most recent developer watercooler, Ghostcrawler commented that hunter dps in PvE looked fine and they didn’t want to buff it. This has set off a bunch of comments (and emails to me) about the travesty this is. To be fair, I haven’t looked over the state of hunter dps for a couple of months, but when last I checked hunters as a class were doing okay, though that was pretty much Marksman hunters leading the way while SV and BM lagged behind. So this seemed like a great time to review how hunter dps is looking.

First of all, here was the exact Ghostcrawler quote:

Hunter DPS is fine, or even high in 4.2, so we didn’t want this buff to extend to them, which is why the AP benefit is now 20% for melee attacks but still 10% for ranged attacks.

Note that contextually this was a PvE discussion, not PvP. I certainly take issue with suggesting hunter dps is “even high in 4.2″ — we haven’t seen any indication of that since the end of last year before SV got what still feels like a bit more heavy-handed bump down than was necessary. But saying hunter dps is fine… well, let me attempt to parse what I think the designer intent behind a statement like this is…..Read Full Article.

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