The DPS Cold War

Quori from Surviving WoW with Quori: So I read a lot of various articles and post around the interwebs about the state of dps for Hunters. I hold to this thought process: When faced with trying to solve a crime, always determine who has the most to benefit from the crime (yes, I am indeed Batman. Its been noted over and over again by those that truly know me).

Is the “State of DPS and where Hunter’s fit in” a crime? No, but that’s not what we are all really trying to determine is it. The crime here is success vs failure. Who is responsible, and that is meant both ways. Who is “carrying” the raid team’s dps to a kill, and who is lagging and causing the wipe. That is the answer we really are trying to ask.

As a “pure” DPS class (I mean that as in it is all we are asked to do, though I  maintain we are more than our DPS), we want to justify our value. We want to express as a community that we are not the problem. Other DPS classes will say the same and cast the shadow of blame or doubt to another DPS class.

It’s a Cold War here folks. This isn’t outright aggression. It’s a subtle war of attrition in which at varying points within game progression classes jockey for position as kings of their particular trade within raiding. … Read Full Article.

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