4.3 and Tier 13 Hunter Changes (so far)

Morynne at Marks-365: Well I was going to work on my Ragnaros strategy, and work on Heroic Shannox, but there’s too much news!

MMO-Champion mined out what Hunter Tier 13 is going to look like, and found a bunch of spell “changes” for us.  They also found some items that will be dropping, which is just a tad exciting.

So let’s start with Tier 13.  First off, I’m willing to bet that the MMO-Champion shots don’t do it any justice.  It looks like it would be far cooler in the shots that Blizzard has provided for other class previews.  The three colors are likely this: Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic versions — purple being the heroic version (kind of like T10 was).  The set clearly pays homage to being a dragon slayer.  The breastplate looks very much like Deathwing’s chest, and the shoulders/helm seem to be young dragon skulls. I might not transmogrify this — even after all that work to put together the old sets.

MMO Champion has also mined out some spell “changes” for Hunters, but they’re really not changes at all.  They’re tooltip fixes for the most part. … Read Full Article.