Podcast Episode 100 Tomorrow

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Tomorrow is the epic episode 100 of the Hunting Party Podcast!

We have some podcasts that are really crunchy theorycrafting and numbers heavy, some that are news heavy, and some that are lots of hunter discussion and Q&A. Then, every now and then, we have a chaotic random fun episode, such as the infamous Descent into Darkness, the first and only time we (well, I) played the fan-created Hunting Party Podcast drinking game. (For those who missed it, JC Sway put together this brief Descent into Madness Mix).

This is our 100th episode, so you can bet it’s going to be a party. We’re doing an extended episode packed with fan-favorite guests to party with us online. Here is the rundown of the festivities:

  • Darkbrew and Euripides are actually flying to Minneapolis and we’ll all three be podcasting together from the same room for the first time. And meeting in person for the first time, for that matter.
  • Bozanimal has made new and updated rules for the Hunting Party Podcast drinking game (see below) and all three of us will be playing the drinking game, using the Hunter whiskey provided by a fan at the WHU BBQ.
  • The show will be double length, two hours of hunter madness, from 1pm central time to 3pm central time.
  • Special Guest Michele Morrow will be joining us as cohost for the show, and will be participating in the drinking game with us.
  • Special guest Zeherah will join us early in the show to answer some hunter Q&A before we’ve had too much to drink.
  • Then special guest Dawn Moore will join us to talk about the finer points of healing hunter pets.
  • Finally special guest BRK himself will join us to close out the show, and hopefully we’ll still be coherent by then.

I’m not sure exactly what to expect from this episode, aside from a wee bit of chaos. Or possibly … Read Full Article.

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