BM Hunter PvP Advice, Courtesy of Bandet

Garwulf from Huntsman’s Lodge: Last week I mentioned an upcoming interview I was going to feature with a world class BM arena hunter. Well, he’s working on his responses at the moment, but in the meantime… another skilled hunter happened to stop by and see all of your questions posted in the comments section of that post, then went on to answer them in the forum!

This hunter is Bandet of Korgath, a very skilled PvP’er, who’s also famous in his own right — mainly for his entertaining, informative and often comical YouTube videos. He’s most well known for delivering the largest WoW PvP crit ever posted on YouTube.

At any rate… until Garxz has had a chance to plow through my hunter PvP Q&A, please be sure to check out Bandet’s post in the PvP forum here on the site. He’s shared some insightful information, including the always asked ‘hunter 1v1 strategies’ – covering pretty much every class and build combo you’d need to worry about. … Read Full Article.

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