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Soloing Adds for Heroic Beth’tilac Part II

In the Simple Questions/Simple Answers thread, Kyro commented on a question asked in an earlier post about the best spec for soloing the adds on Beth’tilac heroic:

Having tried that fight as both specs, it is definitely much easier as MM. Bombardment + Concussive Barrage + Rapid Killing + Rapid Recuperation allow you to essentially fire off unlimited MS. It is doable as SV, but just much easier as MM.

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World of Logs Values Higher than Best DPS?

In the Best Possible DPS thread, Mabon asked how it was possible for World of Logs values to be higher than the highest theoretical DPS determined using FemaleDwarf:

When I go to world of logs I see an SV hunter doing more then 36k dps on a stand still fight (Baleroc)… He’s up at 38.8k dps, so how is it that people are saying [that] SV’s best dps is only 36k in the best gear on a stand still fight? Here’s the link to the parse […]. World of Logs – Real Time Raid Analysis

Rivkah replied that although it is possible to achieve higher DPS than the theoretical values determined using FemaleDwarf, in this case the WoL parse cited was not an accurate one:

Something looks to be wrong with that log. The ability counts are far above what they should be for a 3.5 minute fight. For example, there are 56 black arrow ticks. Black arrow ticks 5 times and has a 24 second cooldown with the talents. So over the course of a 3:32 fight, there should be about 44 black arrow ticks (8.83 casts). That log has 11.2 casts worth. Also if you look at the log itself, you’ll note that the times for the black arrow ticks make no sense- there are double ticks showing up. The problem isn’t just with black arrow but it’s the most obvious. Either that log was manually modified before posting or there was some weird lag going on causing some abilities to get logged double.

Now it’s possible to beat the estimated dps from my site, because it doesn’t take into account things like stacking of abilities like Call of the Wild, Potion of the Tol’vir, etc. (which can magnify the effect, my site only averages them over the course of the fight). But this particular case is clearly not an accurate log.

Whitefyst added that shorter fight duration and favorable RNG can also result in higher DPS than theoretically determined maximum values:

In addition to what Rivkah stated, another factor is fight duration. This thread uses a 5 min duration that includes 1 RF and a BL for SV. This is about a 20% uptime for these combined dynamic haste effects. For a fight of shorter duration, the percentage of the fight under these large dynamic haste effects is larger, increasing the DPS. You can see this in the tool by changing the fight duration. Changing the duration to 3.5 mins ups the DPS by over 600.

It is also possible to have good luck with the RNG in the game where you have effects like:

  • a higher crit occurrence over the small sample than what FD estimates
  • more T12 4-set, 2-set, or other procs

The key is that the numbers from the tool are not a hard limit, but the maximum theorectical value from the tool under its constraints, assumptions, and settings.

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Ancient Petrified Seed On-use Bonus is Averaged

In the Hunter DPS Analyzer thread, SpartanKillian asked if the bonus from Ancient Petrified Seed was averaged out:

Mr. Robot rates the trinket more highly than most based on the premise that you can activate it to maximize the return (ensuring you always buff 2 Chimera Shots, always sync with Rapid Fire, etc.). I just wanted to make sure I understand your modeling.

Rivkah replied that yes, the bonus is averaged:

The only proc based stat bonus which is not averaged is haste, because haste is currently calculated into the simulation (at least for purposes of shot cast speeds and focus regen). All other stat procs are treated as averaged because there isn’t really any distinguishing between shots fired at different times when calculating dps (except for a few crit based hacks put in for stuff like careful aim and killing streak). Autoshots are also sort of treated to averaging in the case of haste, since they aren’t simulated directly.

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Pet API Support

In the Hunter DPS Analyzer thread, Hinalover wrote:

Rivkah, not sure if you noticed but Blizz finally got around to implementing the Pet import talent/spec/class info for pets. It only refers to the current pet the hunter is using at the time. But I did give some examples in this post Pet type and talents – Forums – World of Warcraft. Glyphs for pets….that would be interesting…

Rivkah replied:

I asked in the thread if this is all the pet support we’re likely to see. If so, I’ll have to change the site to just always load your currently in use pet and if you want a different one you’ll have to manually specify it. However this might be fine for the majority of cases, and would reduce the amount of input required for armory import in most circumstances. There are some cases where it’d be a hassle though, so I’ll wait to see whether we get a blue response on the issue before I go forward with code changes.

It also looks like they changed the HTML format of the pet page slightly- I’ve fixed it so pet imports will work again.

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Tier 12 Four Piece Set Bonus Implementation is not Bugged

In the Hunter DPS Analyzer thread, Kushana asked if implementation of the Tier 12 four-piece set bonus was bugged.

I may have discovered a bug in the calculation of 4pT12 […]. I was playing in the max dps thread with the Survival build. The OP build has the hunter in 5pT12 […] If you swap one piece of T12 out for what should be a very close sidegrade […], your DPS drops by hundreds, and there’s no longer any 0-focus Arcane or Explosive Shots in the log. […]

Rivkah replied that calculation of the T12 4P bonus is not bugged:

Actually that build has the Flaming Core Chestguard, not the set chest, so it’s 4pc T12. Thus when you swap out another piece you are in fact losing the set bonus (which you can see because it no longer shows up in the gear bonuses list).

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Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, R00k!3 was having difficulty soloing Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair:

I have tried to solo BWL, however I run into problems vs. Chromaggus. At some point he transforms me and I pretty much instant kill my pet, even when I don’t have weapons equipped. Any ideas how to kill him?

In a later edit to the post, R00k!3 said “I finally killed him by switching to full damage and just killing him before I get all debuffs. […]”

Other methods of dealing with Chromaggus were offered:

      1. Onin: “Carry 2pT5. While transformed, your healing output is buffed massively, causing all your damage to do 200% healing on your pet. There’s still the risk of one-shotting him, so a tanking pet is encouraged. […]” See Onin’s video.
      2. Onin: “As soon as you get the 4 buffs (except Bronze), unequip all your weapons. While you’re transformed, you may randomly cast Mend Pet if your pet is hurt (under 30% I believe).”
      3. Maranora: “Tame him”
      4. Maranora: Use an Immature Venom Sac obtained from the spiders in Lower Blackrock Spire.
      5. Goldschakal: Purification Potion removes Brood Affliction: Green, Brood Affliction: Black, and one stack of Brood Affliction: Red.

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Anub’Rekhan (25 player) in Naxxramas

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil posted:

My video of soloing Anub’rekhan 25-man (world second, the world first video disappeared some time ago). Durendil vs Anub’Rekhan 25 – YouTube

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Malygos (10 player) in The Eye of Eternity

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Onin asked for clarification of strategy used for soloing Malygos (see the video here):

Whenever I attempt him, transitioning into phase 2 just gets me nuked to death by Arcane Barrages from the adds that are circling around the platform, despite any feign deaths or shadowmelds, whereas one FD seems to prevent you from getting hit by any at all. Is there a specific timing for it, did it get fixed, did you just get lucky?

Durendil replied:

No idea why you keep getting nuked. Maybe it’s because of serpent sting? Do you usually FD Before or after misdirecting the lords to your pet? I never had any problems with this.

Sepultura added:

I had the same problem then I just killed all the adds from the ground inside “the safe zones”. Takes a little more time but you get no damage.

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Onyxia (10 player) in Onyxia’s Lair

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Aguacate provided a a detailed strategy for soloing Onyxia in 10-player difficulty:

Phase 1 – have your pet tank Onyxia at the back of the room […] Once your pet is in position use Stay to mark a home position for it. Each knockback taken by your pet takes 10K off its threat total so you’ll probably find you need to use FD a few times during this phase to avoid pulling aggro. […]

Phase 2 – once Onxyia is airborne whelps will appear from the pits on either side of the room and make a bee-line for you. Feign death before they reach you and they will return to their spawn points. […]

Phase 3 – starts when the boss has 40% health so it can be useful to ease up on the final Phase 2 attack period to leave her with 41%, that way you can force the transition on the next cycle before any further whelps or dragonkin complicate matters. Leave your pet passive as Onyxia lands and use misdirects to move the boss into position before finally letting it off its leash. […]

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Yogg-Saron (10 player) in Ulduar

In the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread, Durendil announced soloing Yogg-Saron with four keepers:

This boss is all about Feign death. Always FD at a precise timing: use FD not too soon but not too late, and leave FD not too soon but not too late. Fun fun fun!

In the end, it was both a good and bad soloing. Good because I love trying and trying a boss, making up strategies (FD,FD,FD…, kill command, 30-yard range, all these small details that make a difference between a wipe and a win), improving them each good try (I got him on the 1rst try where I dropped the carboard assassin, allowing me to prepare for a clean phase 3). Bad because I hated phase 1. And spent a lot of money on flasks and scrolls. Phase 1 and 2 get real old real quick.

I fear that in the end, Madness did consume me^^ Trust me, Yogg-Saron’s laughter in phase 3 drives everyone insane.

See a video of the kill.

Bovii asked:

Why is it that you didn’t bother putting your pet on Yogg to help with the overall DPS? And why did you feel the need to feign off guardians when your pet never looked to be in danger of dying?

Durendil replied:

I didn’t put my pet on Yogg to avoid immortal guardians spawning near him and aggroing him. If you don’t despawn guardians, when can you dps? Guardians have a +180% damage buff for every 10% health, and a life drain. So having 2 of those on your pet usually means that you kill one, but the other life drained to full, then another add comes, you are overwhelmed. Guardians hit for 40K when full life. They cannot be ignored.

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