Release the Karkin..?!

Garwulf at Huntsman’s Lodge: No way man… he looks too badass and he’s my only crab pet.

On my way to grab Karkin, NPCScan went off a second time, signaling the presence of Skitterflame. After taming Karkin, I headed over to Skitterflame’s spawn area and sure enough… she was soaking her eight legs in some lava just waitin’ for me.

Only problem… my stable was now full. I still had Skarr with me, I’d just tamed Deth’tilac, Jadefang was in another slot, and no way I’m abandoning GC… I was thinking I was least likely to use the crab, but no way was I going to release the Karkin for a red lava spider. So, I boogied it back to the stable master, dropped off a few of the children, then headed back into the Molten Front in hopes that Skitter would still be there waiting for me….Read Full Article.

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