Which Hunter Spec is Best? (OMFG)

Kheldul at Hunter-DPS: Despite my inner voice yelling, “OMFG! Don’t go there!” I’m feeling the need to “help”.  Sure you wouldn’t want to “help” a random stranger and suggest things they should be doing in a 5man or PUG raid.  It won’t be taken constructively.  My rational side however is telling me that people visiting a site called “Hunter DPS” want to know these things.

The below graphs show the average DPS of hunters of a given talent tree over the course of the last 180 days.  The data comes from all the public combat logs uploaded to worldoflogs.com and is parsed and prepared by raidbots.  This data is from all raid bosses.  DPS increases as gear increases over time. The graphs are a breakdown by raid size.

I include the 10-man and 25-man raid data here.  I’m excluding all the heroic raids.  There isn’t enough data there to be fair to beast mastery.  And for the most part, heroic raiders have already leveraged information like this and skew the scales. …Read Full Article.

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