The Century Cometh

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Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: The Hunting Party Podcast is getting very very close to the 100th episode, and unlike smaller milestones of the past, I think we need to actually plan for this one in advance. I mean, 100 episodes is a Big Deal — we can’t have just another show of talking about hunter news and Euripides’ hot sister.

My first thought for the Hunting Party Podcast 100th episode is that we need to, once again, play the Hunting Party Podcast drinking game on the air! This is a game made up by listener Bozanimal in the comments to episode 68 and lists a series of non-show related events that happen too regularly on the show. After he posted this I decided to try the game out on the air while Michele Morrow was our guest, and she joined me in the drinking game. By the end of the show I was this close to drinking her under the table, I think. …Read Full Article.

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