Soloing Freya

DurendilLeHunt: Freya has been soloed for a hunter world-first. 8/21/11

As you can see, I had luck with the waves – first children followed by a conservator, and second children as final wave. Phase 2 isn’t dangerous unless you forget to cut a tree (30% boss health: enrage) or you or your pet get bumped into trash.
Done with 363 gear and 365 gun

See Durendil’s guide to soloing Freya

Along with soloing raid bosses, Durendil also maintains up-to-date lists of all raid bosses soloed by hunters at the Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit thread in the Elitist Jerks Hunter Forum. The lists can be found in these posts:

Visit DurendilLeHunt’s YouTube channel for many more hunter soloing videos.

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