Random Thoughts

Big Red Kitty at Brain Needed Space:  On Tuesday, an (insert extremely vulgar and obscenity-laced tirade worthy of Dennis Leary here) BELF hunter stole my Spirit Beast Owl as I was taming it. But on Wednesday, I camped that bird and tamed it within thirty seconds of it spawning. My owl will serve me loyally and with love. That BELF’sowl is so befouled with bad karma that it’s going to be the subject of a Stephen King novel someday. I hope it spits in the hunter’s oatmeal.

I couldn’t care less about the purple spider anymore. It has bugged out, evaded, and cheated me out of four separate taming attempts. Considering that all it takes is a Druid to root the thing in place to tame, eliminating the need to actually kite/tame it, y’all can have it. Who raids with a spider anyway?

The new Etheral Bank of Etheralness is gonna make me go farm a full set of Beaststalker Armor. General Drak! I come for you!

The new Etheral Bank of Etheralness really makes me regret destroying my first set of epic PvP armor. … Read Full Article.

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