Bad Habits: Laying it All Out There

Morynne at Marks-365: Crazy thought, but no, I’m not perfect.  Never claimed to be. Everyone has those things they’re not so good at, or lazy about, but what’s important is how we overcome them.  As a Hunter, we have several things that we can be lazy about that many other classes would never think about.

  • Aspects
    • Most other classes never have to think about how their “aura” affects the rest of the raid. (Pallies, if you turn off Crusader, we’ll turn off Pack, ok?) Personally I’m so terrified that I’ll leave Aspect of the Pack on for a boss pull, that I tend to toggle aspects before I even sit down to eat.  Admittedly, I learned this trick back in Burning Crusade when I accidentally left Pack on and we pulled Teron Gorefiend. Never. Again.
  • Understanding those “specific use” shots. … Read Full Article.
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