WoW Hunters Hall July Traffic Report

One of the things I thought might be nice to do here at the WoW Hunters Hall is provide monthly site reports of the kind of traffic we get, and what kinds of things hunters are looking at most on the site. If this is something that you think is worthwhile, please drop a note in the comments and let us know. If not, let us know that too!

WoW Hunters Hall launched publicly July 11th, so this isn’t quite a full month’s worth of info. Since we launched we’ve been covering every WoW hunter blog (the hunter-related content on them anyway) and we’ve also started with the hunter forum recaps. Tabana has led the way with the phenomenal Elitist Jerks Hunter Recaps, but we also have weekly recaps now for Petopia forums and Huntsman’s Lodge forums, as well as starting off the Arena Junkies hunter forums. We had someone volunteer to sift through the MMO-C hunter forums as well — hopefully he survives the trip to bring us weekly reports!

Traffic Overview

In July WoW Hunters hall had 34,360 visits and 94,734 pageviews, with a total of 15,121 unique visitors. Visitors spent an average of 2:58 time on the site each visit.

The vast majority of WHH traffic came from referring traffic from another site (78.54%). Search engines brought in just 4.31% of traffic, and the majority of that was for branded phrases (searches for a variation of “WoW Hunters Hall”).

Referring Sites

The top referring sites (sites with a link to WoW Hunters Hall that someone clicked on) breaks down as follows:


Google was responsible for 94.34% of search engine traffic to WoW Hunters Hall. The top 13 keyword phrases were variation of WoW Hunters Hall, accounting for 56.09% of all search traffic. The top non-branded keyword phrases driving traffic all accounted for only a handful of visits, and they were:

  • how much haste is 12.93% hunter
  • hunter baleroc
  • taming kirix
  • robot (likely an image search)
  • alysrazor 10 man
  • hunter alysrazor
  • serenity addon show dispells
  • average dps for hunter patch 4.2

Most Viewed Content

Of the 94,797 pageviews WoW Hunters Hall received in July, 39.71% of them were the home page. After that the top viewed pages were:

Additional Stats

Random additional stats that may be of interest:

  • 8.7% of visits came from mobile devices (48.7% iPhone, 29.69% Android)
  • Firefox was the most popular browser with 37.95% of visits; then Chrome at 22.94%, Internet Explorer with 19.14%, and safari with 14.04%.
  • Windows was the most popular OS at 78.05% and Mac showing a surprisingly strong 11.88%. Linux was below the mobile platforms at0.69%
  • The US brought the most visits at 50.45%, followed by the UK at 8.87%, Canada at 5.98%, Australia at 4.36% and Germany at 3.75%




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