Soloing Raids…Solo

Hunters are unquestionably the best solo class in the game.  We can solo old raids right up to current 5-man dungeons.  We solo stuff for gold, rep, and mounts.  Sometimes we do it just because some support class said it is impossible.  Regardless of a hunter’s motivation, there has been a recent quality of life improvement for the hunter going it alone.

We’ve all been there.  You’re capped on all the points you’re grinding.  Daily quests are done.  It’s not a raid night.  So why not run over to Karazan and try to snag a vampire horse on fire?  You walk up to that still creepy tower, step to the door, and get an all too familiar message, “You must be in a raid group to enter this instance.”  Let’s ignore the obvious question of why one person can’t be a raid group.  I can only assume there is a programming reason for this.  The important question is, “What can you do about it?”  Normally, you just ask a guildie or friend to join.  It usually works, but it’s not without it’s problems.  Sometimes they want to actually come with you!  That’s cool, but it will cut your chances of getting the mount in half should it drop.  If they log-off, hope you don’t disconnect or you’re back to looking for help.  If you play off-hours or are in a small guild, finding someone who isn’t busy can take longer than the actual run (in a case like Attumen).  In the 2 months leading-up to Cataclysm it was really hard for me to find someone to help me convert to raid.  There were plenty of guildies online, but we were all trying to do the same thing:  Solo ZG for the mounts and MC for rep.  What if there was a better way?

Now, there is!  Trial accounts (which are free) will last forever now, and we masters of the solo run can use this to our advantage.  Go to your account and enter account management.  Create a new trial account under your preexisting account.  Make a new toon (on your server and in your faction) and level them to 10.  They must be level 10 to enter a raid group.  This is a perfect chance to experience the new lowbie hunter stuff, like a pet at level 1.  If you love the improvements, thank BRK.  Send him a sparkle pony or a new dutch oven.

Once you have your baby hunter to level 10, launch another WoW window and log into your main.  Invite your baby to a group, convert it to a raid, and go solo Ulduar.  If you never have an issue getting someone to form a raid with you, this whole process is not necessary.  If you solo a lot, and like me have a hard time getting another character to make a raid, here’s your solution.

Happy Hunting!

JC Sway

See Hunter Soloing, from Classic to Cataclysm: Tips, Guides, Strategies, and Videos for a complete selection of guides to hunter soloing including hunter soloing builds as well as boss-specific strategies and videos for hunters.

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