Huntsman’s Lodge Forum Recap 8/1/11

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Firelands MM Dps Help

Started by: Haiz
Started on: July 25, 2011
In this post, Haiz asks for some tips on improving his dps in the firelands, and a helpful hunter (cough cough) gave him some rotation advice, ending in a 7k dps boost.

Hawkeye’s advice was

The main thing I notice however, is your rotation. You should be using Chimera on CD, fitting in steady shot pairs and using arcane shot to bleed extra focus, not to get it down to 0. I usually use it when my focus is > 80 and hit it twice. Try not to get locking into a rotation, go more for a priority system like:

  • Chimera Shot
  • Kill Shot (if available)
  • Aimed Shot procs
  • Arcane Shot (when high on focus)
  • Steady Shot (in pairs)

Hope this helped!

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Pets by Color

Started by: Anj
Started on: July 26, 2011
Anj posted this link to Petopia, where LupisDarkmoon has listed all pets according to color! So if you want a full one-color stables, this is the place to go.

Survival Cobra Shot help

Started by: Fainne
Started on: Jan 18, 2011
This thread is full of advice on how to handle dps as Survival, especially getting those 3 Cobra Shots in between Explosives.

Garwulf himself said

I’m going to guess that you’re shot cycle could use a little smoothing out. It seems that you’re probably not getting the smooth 3:1 cobra to explosive shot ratio, and that’s why you’re falling behind in raids.

You should be able to fire three successive cobras, with explosive just coming off cooldown as you finish casting your 3rd cobra. If you’re not able to achieve that, then you’re either delaying explosive shot or missing out on cobras.

I’m not certain what the sweet spot is right now, but toying with your haste may be the first place to look.

Latency could also be a factor. If that’s the case, then there’s not a lot you can do other than spam your attack buttons as your shots are about to come off CD.

The handling of Lock and Loads is important as well. Are you making sure not to overwrite your expl shots?

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Why do you hunt?

Started by: lawman30
Started on: April 7, 2011
In this thread, Lodge hunters discuss what made them start playing the uncommonly good looking class of Hunter. These range from usual reasons like Takaas:

(1) I’ve always been fascinated with archery. I used to shoot bow/arrow in real life till my eye sight got to bad to do it. That being said, the “ranger” type class has always held a special spot for me.

(2) I like doing a lot of solo stuff. Being able to take on stuff solo that other classes can’t is often. I get a thrill every time someone asks me to help them with Problim in Tal Barad.

(3) I love being able to lock down a target with a trap as my group dismantles a mob or peeling something off the healer with my pet because it managed to sneak away from the tank.

This is just a few of the reasons I like being a Hunter.

to an epic story posted by Agio, wherein he is raised by wolves in Canada. The full story and others reasons are found here.

What do you Solo?

Started by: Agio
Started on: June 7, 2011
In this thread, Lodge hunters discuss what they enjoy Soloing; be it old 5-mans, quests,  or mount runs.

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