Firelands Trash Soloing Guide

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union:  Fellow hunter Ril emailed in to the WHU with this guide for soloing trash in the Firelands — a great way to reap some of those tasty trash drops and build rep, not to mention making some cash off BoEs. Here is his report:

Hello there, dear community of huntery awesomeness.

As most of you already noticed, the trash in Firelands has many great toys (a X-bow with identity crisis, a polearm, a pair of bracers and a rep-cloak) to offer. But you don’t have to rely on a bunch of support classes or great wealth to reach on them –  it’s possible to solo it. I’d like to show the way how I do it and what you need to look out for. Note that there are several methods, and this is only a summary of one possible way to do it – feel free to tweak it and add of yours. No illegal actions are involved of course – everything is perfectly legitimate “clever use of game mechanics,” but keep in mind that Blizzard might nerf such things any time, without pre-warning.

This guide will be divided in three parts:

  1. Preparation
  2. The pull
  3. Notes

1. Preparation

First off, you’ll need a Firelands-ID where at least Lord Rhyolith has been downed. His platform is an ideal place for kiting the mobs. The more bosses (especially Shannox) are down, the less trash there is, which means less mobs to loot, but easier pulling.

  • Talent-Build: The crucial talents are Concussive Barrage and Bombardment. Feel free to spend the other talents wherever you want. An useful one is Pathfinding for the pulling part, it speeds things up slightly and lowers risks of being hit. Pathing lowers the cast-time of your SS, which is also very helpful. Improving your pet is absolutely useless … Read Full Article

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