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Lyraats WoW Reprieve

Over at Lyraat’s WoW Reprieve, one of our fellow long time hunters Lyraat recently posted a humorous article regarding our raiding choices. Many signs still certainly point to Marksman being the top choice; however, Survival and Beastmastery both are viable for various reasons not the least of which is player familiarity. All of Lyraat’s humor aside, his summary paragraph perfectly captures what many of us actually face within the game. No matter what the “best spec” maybe, we just perform better with another one:

For me, switching to MM would be a dps loss. I will never be as adept with MM as I am with SV.

I know this perfectly fits my own play style. So if you have an affinity for Beastmastery or Survival, please give it a read. If you are a staunch Marksman zealot, it’s worth the chuckle throughout and carries a serious message best learned by all.


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