Hunting Party Podcast: Episode 91 Recap

Euripides and Frostheim were kidnapped this week, leaving Darkbrew and Alisaunder to battle Ustream shortouts, all while answering listener questions about stat scaling, newbie mistakes and BM’s rotation. Technical difficulties abounded on the Podcast, so I will do my best to present as full a recap as I can. The full link to the edited Podcast can always be found here.

Stat Scaling and Flintlocke’s Woodchucker 

Way back in the Cataclysm beta, the blues mentioned something called stat scaling. In theory, it was supposed to work so that with each new tier of content, the amount of hit or crit rating required for 1% would go up. This idea has been scrapped for all intents and purposes. The amount of hit you need for Firelands remains the same as for last tier’s raids.

The Woodchucker pattern is now available live to engineers. That means, of course, you can now have one of your very own. If you haven’t heard, it has both a sound file of an angry squirrel and shoots a chicken. It’s awesome. On a local Auction House near you today!

Listener Q&A

  • “We were able to use Deterrence while carrying flags in Warsong Gulch before, but now I’m not able to. Was this changed?”

Yes. Most abilities that gave a semblance of immunity while flag carrying were changed.

  • “Would you go through the basics of the BM rotation?”

Darkbrew recommends starting with Serpent Sting. Then that would be followed by Bestial Wrath, Kill Command and the spamming of Arcane Shot. You should be able to get in two KC’s before Wrath fades. You’d reapply Serpent if necessary, and Cobra Shot to regain focus. Arcane Shot to dump focus and always cast KC when off cooldown. Rapid Fire should not be cast during Heroism/Time Warp, and Focus Fire when it glows on your action bar (thanks Blizz). Fervor when you’re low on focus; don’t save it for later. It should be used throughout the fight.

  • “What are some newbie things you’ve done?”

Fearless host Darkbrew admits to having vendored Deathbringer’s Will once upon a time. For those hunters new to WoW, during Wrath of the Lich King, DBW was the best trinket in game for many, many classes and specs. Not only did it rarely drop,  you’d have to roll against most of your raid. Fortunately, Darkbrew managed to get a GM to restore it for him.

Alisaunder began playing a hunter in Wrath, and so didn’t have as many stories to share. She did confess to running out of ammo. But really, back when hunters had to pay for every attack they made, running of of arrows or bullets was an easy thing to do.

  • “Are melee attacks like Raptor’s Strike on a longer global cooldown than ranged attacks?”

Darkbrew was not sure. He hasn’t checked it out, but it is a possibility.

With that, Usrteam decided to be a pain, and the show ended rather abruptly. Make sure you check out the edited version for full coverage! May your arrows always fly true, and until next time. Download podcast on itunes or here.
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