Hunters Hall Content Question

Frostheim here, with a question for all you early adopter hunters out there who are reading the WoW Hunters Hall regularly now. Hopefully you’re finding the site useful as we continue to ramp up on the content that we provide. Thus far we’re keeping track of all the regularly updated hunter blogs that I’m aware of (and if you know of any that I’m missing, let us know).

More exciting is that we’re collecting more forum recaps of the various hunter forums out there. Tabana is rocking out and setting the standard with her Elitist Jerks Forum Recaps, and we now have Petopia Recaps, Huntsman’s Lodge Recaps, and we even had our first Arena Junkies forum recap with hunter PvP tips. We have a new curator who’s planning to tackle the MMO-Champion hunter forums as well.

However, in the admin forums here on the WHH we’ve been debating a bit over some on the line content, and whether it should be included here on WoW Hunters Hall, and I figured the best way to answer the question would be to bring it to you guys: you tell us what you want to see.

The specific question is what do we do with hunter blogs that post non-hunter content. I’m specifically talking about blogs written by hunters and for hunters, that usually post hunter-related stuff, but on occasion post something WoW-related but not hunter-related. Of course we’ll still cover all their hunter stuff here on the WHH, but should the off-topic WoW posts also appear here?

The question came up when I asked whether the WHU post, Things I Care About as Little as Elves, should be put on the WHH. So far our admin discussions have been that yes the line gets fuzzy at times, and we think it’s okay from time to time to have non-hunter WoW-related stuff from our hunter bloggers… as long as it’s not often. We’re really worried about setting a precedent I suppose. We don’t want the whole front page, or even most of it, filled up with non-hunter articles.

So what do you guys think? Only hunter posts, or is there wiggle room? Would you put that WHU article up here? Would you want, or expect, to see a BRK story about his dog eating his power cable while he was raiding posted here?

Tell us what you want with this site, since that’s what it’s all about in the end.

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