The Importance and Problems of Shot Queueing

Eidotrope from OutDPS: In WoW we are able to queue casts such that we are able to tell the server “start casting this new ability as soon as you think the old one is done.”  This is handy bit of automation because it removes the potential delay between casts created by latency, increasing our casts per second and therefore also our dps.  However, queueing isn’t without its problems for hunters, as I discuss below.

What is Queueing and Why Do We Care About It?

As Kripparian describes in this old video, waiting for a Steady, Cobra or Hardcast Aimed Shot to visibly end its cast before firing something else increases the delay between your shots by two times your latency: it takes time for the server to communicate the end of the cast to you and for you to communicate your next cast to it.  There’s also the matter of your reaction time: you have to see the end of the cast and then react to it.  Overall, with this method, the time between your shots will be increased by 2×latency plus your reaction time, resulting in a lower shot frequency and therefore lower dps. … Read Full Article.

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