Serenity HUD Addon for Hunters

I’ve never been a big fan of class-specific add-ons, even those meant for hunters.  I’ve also never found a HUD that I was able to use for more than a few hours.  What I do like is finding an add-on that replaces three others and eliminates a big chunk of set up time.  That’s why I want to tell you all about Serenity.

Simply put, Serenity is a heads-up display (HUD) for hunters.  If you are familiar with JS Hunter Bar, then you know Serenity.  It is the complete rewrite of JS Hunter Bar for Cataclysm.  I have no idea why the author changed the name of the add on, but I blame Nathan Fillion.

Ok, for those unfamiliar, Serenity shows you pretty much everything you need to see in combat.  It gives you a nice big focus bar, a Hunter’s Mark reminder, an aspect reminder, timers for any active DoTs or CCs, and even an alert when your target has a buff you can hit with Tranq Shot.  It will also allow you to set-up announcements connected to Misdirection and cast it by right-clicking on a friendly unit frame, as you can see in the image above.

I always want to use as few add-ons as possible.  Serenity has allowed me to eliminate Power Auras, Need to Know, and whatever focus bar add I was using at the time.  More importantly, it gives me all of the information I need “out of the box”.  I don’t need to set-up strings, timers, or anything.  This really saves time after an install or big patch.  The display is sleek and minimal, but shows a lot of combat information. Right now, it’s the only add-on installed on my laptop .  I wouldn’t raid that way, but if I want to do daily quests from the couch, Serenity is really all I need.

I do have a few minor gripes about the add-on.  By default, it whispers my Misdirection target twice for each cast.  I’ve never once had a tank put-up with that for more than 10 minutes.  I’m glad those options are there, but they probably should be off by default.  Along the same lines, I feel the “Right click on unit frames for Misdirection” option shouldn’t be on by default, or it should at least be more apparent that it is on.  Personally, Misdirecting to the healer is only fun when it’s intentional.

Serenity won’t be for everyone.  If you like total control over the look of your UI, or you don’t like add-ons that only work for one class, it probably won’t be your cup of tea.  On the other hand, if you want an easy way to get all of your combat info in a clean, little package, try it out.

Download Serenity here.

Happy Hunting!

JC Sway

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