Hunter Community Resources

Frostheim at WoW Insider:  Hunters are more than an amazing class; hunters are an amazing community. The hunter community is hands down the best class community in WoW. We have more intelligent and generous players willing to dedicate their free time to helping each other out than most classes have intelligent and generous players.

One of the great things about the hunter community isn’t just the quantity of hunter sites and resources out there, but the phenomenal quality of those resources.

Today, I’d like to highlight as many of those phenomenal hunter sites as possible. If you’re a regular reader of Scattered Shots but don’t get out across the rest of the hunter community much, you seriously have to check some of these sites out. And if you’re a die-hard hunter who can’t get enough hunter news, I bet I’ve even got some sites here that you haven’t heard of yet. Join me after the cut for the gateway into the best community in the game … Read Full Article

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