Lack of Tier Scaling Confirmed

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Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Some clever readers noticed that in the guide updates I did a few weeks back for patch 4.2, the hit and crit guides that discussed potential tier scaling had changed to say that our stats were not, in fact, scaling with subsequent raid tiers. Now you can see why: we finally have an official statement from Blizzard on the subject, buried in the healing Q&A.

If you’ll recall, back in the build up before Cataclysm’s release, Blizzard talked about the problems with stat scaling throughout an expansion: at the first tier you’d maybe crit 25% of the time. But then you move on to tougher bosses and strangely crit against them even more often. The harder the bosses grew, the more likely players were to dodge, parry, and crit them.

This scaling issue, particularly for tanks, is what led to bosses hitting like trucks by the end of Wrath, meaning healers had to react within a single global cooldown at times or else the tank died. In Wrath they dealt with this with the tank debuff in ICC. In Cataclysm Blizzard was seeking a more elegant answer and wanted to have bosses scale just like player scale — so a higher tier raid boss would be harder to crit, harder to dodge and parry. This would help higher tier bosses really feel that much tougher, and help scale the game in general. … Read Full Article.

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