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Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Sometimes you have those weeks that look like they should just be normal weeks, and then every single day some new pile of junk gets dumped in your lap. That has been this week for me. Every day it’s been something, from work projects taking up my entire evening to doctor’s visits, every day has been something (and tonight is a bachelor party — which is the best evening occupation of the week).

Anyhow, as a result I’ve been behind in approving authors, curators, and admins for the WoW Hunters Hall. I just want to let everyone know who applied that I will be getting to all of them this weekend. The plan is for this first wave I’m going to handle all the approving and dish out the assignments, and then going forward the admins will be handling all of that (with me helping, of course).

So if you’ve applied, you are not being ignored and I very much appreciate the willingness to help out. We’ll all be getting to work soon! …Read Full Article.

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