The Justicar

Garwulf at Huntsman’s Lodge: Reach exalted reputation status with Warsong Gulch, The League of Arathor, and The Stormpike Guard… and you too can have a nifty title like the one I earned yesterday.

Don’t be in a hurry, however… this one can take a bit of time. ;)

The Stormpike Guard rep is a breeze. Winning them over can be done fairly quickly. As I recall, I’m pretty sure I’d reached exalted with them before I’d even hit level 60 – back in the days of yore.

With the short queue times and the fast pace of today’s Alterac Valley matches, I’d be willing to bet a player could gain AV exalted status within a few days if they so desired. Win or lose, you’re always gaining at least some amount of rep while in AV. … Read Full Article.

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