Pet Focus Bug Fix Means Pet DPS Loss

Warcraft Hunters Union Site

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: One of the little changes that slipped in under the radar with the patch 4.2 hunter changes was a fix to a pet focus bug. This is a seemingly little change that can have an impact on pet dps, and alas it’s an impact in the bad direction.

The pet focus bug was that pet’s focus bar would fill completely any time the hunter’s stats changed. On the surface it doesn’t sound like a terribly big thing, but in practice hunter stats can change fairly often in a raid environment. Any time you get any kind of proc effect or temporary buffs from cooldowns that alters your haste, crit, agility, attack power, etc, you stats are changing. And your pet’s focus would then leap to full regardless of where it was.

This was clearly a bug and certainly shouldn’t have been happening, but the fixing of it is an overall nerf to pet dps at a time when we really didn’t need any kind of dps nerf, no matter how small. … Read Full Article.

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