How To Get Free Roblox Robux: 7 Working Roblox Hacks

After trawling forums and sites like Quora, you might be feeling a tad disheartened right now after being told over and over again that you can’t get find free Roblox hacks. But here’s the real deal: You totally can get free Robux. You just need to be a bit clever about how you go about it.  Roblox has fast become a way of life lots of people around the world, with some even claiming they use it to sustain their entire livelihood! It’s a place where gamers can either develop their own games, or play games developed by others. Launched in 2007, it’s now home to millions of 3D online games.  However, it’s not that cheap. So join us as we take a look at how to get Robux for free. 

How To Earn Free Robux Online

The easiest way to earn free Robux via a Roblox hack is to convert your points into free Robux.  These are called PointsPrizes and, once earned, you get free Robux codes delivered to your email inbox.  All you have to do to get Robux for free this way is to complete specific offers. For example, you might submit your email address in exchange for free Robux from a certain company, or you might fill out a survey.  Points are exchanged for iTunes codes, Google Play codes and Rixty codes that you can then earn to buy your Robux.  It’s really simple stuff and the even better news is that the offers are easy and quick to complete. In fact, you could even earn enough points to redeem your free code in less than an hour, especially in the U.S., where there are always lots of fantastic offers available. Another bonus of earning free Robux online via Points Prizes is that you can get access to Builders Club Membership for Roblox. Your codes can be redeemed via the iTunes Store or Google Play. What’s really important, however, is that you take the time to make sure a website is legit. You can do this by asking on Reddit or looking for previous reviews. There are a number of fake sites out there that say they have a free Robux generator, but they normally ask you to paste a lengthy script. This then gives them access to your Roblox account. They’re thankfully easy to spot because legit sites won’t ask you to paste a script into your browser console. 

How To Hack Roblox For Free Robux 

Let’s go into a bit more detail now about how you can earn PointsPrizes and hack Roblox to get your Robux for free. Here are our top Roblox hacks:


A great Robux website, RobuxMania is a 100% legit site (we’ve tested it) that lets you get free Robux by completing certain offers. All you need to do is register for 2 points immediately. Then, you just need to complete other (simple) tasks for more points. 

Google Play Codes 

You can use Google Play Codes to get your hands on free Robux. All you need to do is either subscribe or complete a couple of free surveys. Then, you can use your points to purchase free Robux. Alternatively, you can purchase games instead, such as 8 Ball Pool, Clash of Clans and more. This is a fab Roblox hack that really works. 


Like with the other ways to earn your free Robux, with SwagBucks all you need to do is complete certain tasks to get your mitts on some free Robux. This might mean downloading certain apps, signing up for newsletters or taking a bit of time to complete a few surveys.  Each time you complete a task, you’ll be rewarded with points that you can then exchange for Rixty codes. You can swap these Rixty codes for all kinds of games such as CrossFire and World of Tanks, or you can just swap them for some Roblox. 


RobuxHunter is a Robux website that’s a bit like RobuxMania in that you earn points by completing certain tasks, before exchanging them for Roblox gift card codes.  As well as getting free Roblox with these gift card codes, you can also purchase a Builders Club Membership.  The website tells you that there are already hundreds of Robux users who are using it to get their hands on free Robux. It’s 100% legit, and you can also use it to redeem your points for iTunes or Google Play gift cards. 

Use a Roblox Robux Rewards Site For Free Robux - Get Your Robux Offers

When you Google “Use a Roblox Robux Rewards Site For Free Robux” you’ll notice a number of sites that write “FREE ROBUX NO SCAM” in the title.  That tells you one thing immediately - it is a scam.  There are a lot of fake generators on the internet, as well as a lot of fake Roblox Robux rewards sites that promise free Robux in exchange for something.  But the good news is that legit sites do exist where you can get Robux for free. The easiest way to recognise a legit site from a fake one is to check the homepage and what it’s asking you to do. On a legit rewards site you might be asked to:
  • Link your account 
  • Earn points via completing specific tasks 
  • Cash out
On a fake site, you might be asked to copy and paste a lengthy piece of code into your browser console. Moreover, a fake site will look fake. The website will be unprofessional.  Not just that, but you can carry out a quick bit of research on any site you’re unsure of to find out if any other Roblox users have used it in the past.  A legit site may also provide a link to their Discord account. Once you’ve found your legit site, you just need to take advantage of their Robux offers. 


Getting hold of free Roblox is easier than you might have thought. As long as you stick to the legit, safe sites, you’re onto a winner.  So what are you waiting for? Start completing those tasks, start grabbing those free gift card codes, and start getting your hands on some free Robux.