WHU: Patch 5.3 Update


Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: Some of this is old news. Some is slightly newer. But for the hearty folk that don’t frequent multiple hunter or WoW sites and only visit the WHU, we haven’t done a rundown of patch notes for a while.

General Notes

  • New Battlefield: Deepwind Gorge
  • New Arena: The Tiger’s Peak
  • Several new scenarios

Not specific to hunters, but these provide some new playgrounds for those who are into PvP or scenarios.

Questing & Lore

For those interested in the ongoing MoP storyline, there’s some new questing to be had in the Barrens that is tied to the story, and we’ll be seeing the next phase of Wrathion’s Legendary quest chain.

Brawler’s Guild

20 new bosses! 8 of these are wrapped into two new ranks (ranks 9-10) and 12 are optional bosses. . . . read full article


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