Jademcian: 5.3 Focus Fire Frenzy Bug

Jade's Forest

Jademcian at Jade’s Forest: I’ve been reading a lot of reports regarding hunters experiencing a bug involving their frenzy stacks as Beast Mastery. To summarize, these reports are primarily as follows:

  • As BM, hunters pets will not use their special abilities (claw/bite) and therefore will not gain stacks of Frenzy.
  • This lack of frenzy causes a decline in Focus Fire.
  • Macroing the special abilities will alleviate this discrepancy, meaning the pet is simply not autocasting appropriately.

The interesting part to me is that they claim it is only on some bosses, or that it works fine on a target dummy. Furthermore, there are Survival hunters who claim to be experiencing the same thing. Others still claim that swapping their pet out fixes the issue, or that it stops with Blink Strikes. Moreover, others claim that it works sometimes and doesn’t others – meaning that for 30 seconds it won’t work, but suddenly will again after and so forth.

As a Marksman hunter I’m in a unique position to offer another alternative to what this bug is caused by primarily just because our damage ratios are different per ability. . . . read full article

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