Kheldul: Frenzy Appears Broken


Kheldul at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer: BM Hunters,

I don’t have scientific data to understand exactly what is going on here.  But I do see that Frenzy buffs are not happening hardly at all. I did Durumu Normal 10man last night (5.3) and on Monday (5.2). I always try to do it as BM.   I went from 66 frenzy stacks in 5.2 to SEVEN frenzy stacks in 5.3.  Details below.

On Monday my pet had 163 melee attacks and 72 bite attacks.  I was using a boar.  The fight lasted 8m39sec.  This resulted in 66 frenzy buffs with a total uptime of 89.3%.  I hit focus fire 10 times and got 270 focus total.  This is pretty good.

Last night, my pet had 155 melee attacks and only 8 claw attacks.  I was using a spirit beast. The fight lasted 7m27sec.  This resulted in only 7 frenzy buffs with a total uptime of 13.6%. . . . read full article

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