Patch 5.3 is May 21st

Wowhead 5.3

Perculia at The Wowhead Blog: Blizzard just confirmed on twitter that Patch 5.3 is hitting on Tuesday, May 21st! Players can look forward to the new Battlefield Barrens World Event, more Brawler’s Guild bosses and vanity items, legendary questline developments, huge PvP changes and more. Check out the 5.3 Patch Notes for a full list of additions and changes.

Blizzard then linked to their Prepping for 5.3 Blog, which covers the essentials to keep in mind this weekend as you plan things out:

  • Experience required to level from 85-90 will be reduced by 33%.
  • Item Upgrades are returning, but the costs are greatly reduced and you can’t upgrade Season 13 PvP gear.
  • The cost of heirlooms is reduced by 60%.
  • Lesser Charms of Good Fortune will now drop from some rare mobs.
  • PvP gear is getting some huge changes–resilience is being removed and all characters get 65% base resilience instead.

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