Kheldul: BM Hunter’s AoE Future – Maximizing Beast Cleave Damage


Kheldul at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer: In MoP 5.2, we have one big AoE choice with a few small variations.  You run as a Survival Hunter.  You lay down Multishots and get Serpent Spread.  You drop an Explosive Trap.  If you’re rigged for AoE, you run with Thrill of the Hunt and slam those multishots in and toss in Barrage fire.  You also toss in free LnL ExShot procs.  If you are BM you do what you can, but you don’t see the enemy health bars drop very fast.

BM’s AoE Future

It is very likely that BM will have it’s AoE buffed in MoP 5.3.  The big buff is coming from an increase to Beast Cleave damage.  It’s going from a +30% to a +75% damage application.  This isn’t going to require BM to have special builds to better AoE.  But you will want to do things a little better to maximize your AoE damage. . . . read full article

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