Holinka: Scatter/Trap back to old DR, BM 30% pet special ability CD reduction gone


Holinka (WoW PvP Designer) has been tweeting about Scatter/Trap diminishing returns and it seems that the shared diminishing return for Scatter Shot, Freezing Trap, and Wyvern Sting mentioned in the 5.3 Patch Notes will be reverted; however, the “reducing the cooldown of your Pet Special Abilities by 30%” component of the Beast Mastery specialization Exotic Beasts spell will be removed and pet crowd control cooldowns will be increased:

Holinka (@holinka) May 6, 2013 Yes scatter/trap back to old DR, pet CC cooldowns increased. 30% special ability CD reduction gone from BM

dandy lion (@dandyli37196780) May 6, 2013 fantastic, thanks. that means RoS and other pet CDs are same CD as for MM/SV, right?

Holinka (@holinka) May 6, 2013 that is correct

Shreekant Vattikuti (@Shreedogg) May 6, 2013 another stealth nerf to BM? 30% pet special cd reduction gone?

Holinka (@holinka) May 6, 2013 Don’t misrepresent early access to changes on PTR as stealth changes. It will be in patch notes.

Maor (@zaken17) May 6, 2013 that means a PVE nerf to BM? why would u do that? BM is weak already

Holinka (@holinka) May 6, 2013 We reduced the cooldowns of pet abilities with PvE implications.

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