Ghostcrawler on Scatter Shot shared DR, Stampede lag, and Hunter spec kits


 Ghostcrawler has been tweeting over the past couple of days about a few issues of concern to hunters:

5.3 change to diminishing returns on Scatter Shot

Greg Street (@Ghostcrawler) May 2, 2013 – 5.3 hunter: Considering reverting the DR change on Scatter Shot but might nerf hunter pet CC cooldowns instead.

Stampede causing lag issues

Tom Obama (@TomObama_) April 30, 2013  – please fix lag on Lei Shen. seems to be tied with stampede

Greg Street (@Ghostcrawler) May 1, 2013 It is, but we can’t reproduce it except for players with out of date Recount or Skada.

Trispec and Hunter themes

Greg Street (@Ghostcrawler) April 30, 2013 – We added talents in vanilla so rogue 1 and rogue 2 could be different. With tri spec, what if every rogue feels the same again?

J. Perez (@gridbread) April 30, 2013 – I think you picked the worst class to make an example for you here.

Greg Street (@Ghostcrawler) May 1, 2013 – In my experience, hunters are even more likely to swap specs than rogues. Even rogue specs have more kit than hunter specs.

Brady J (@vipbrj) May 1, 2013 Can you please provide more explanation on what you mean by “kit”?

Greg Street (@Ghostcrawler) May 2, 2013 The theme. The fantasy. It’s easy to define what a Fire mage does. It’s hard to explain what a Survival hunter does.

Kenneth Wilson (@KxWilson) May 2, 2013 – which class has the highest chance of swapping specs to improve their dps due to buffs or nerfs? Or is it too hard to measure?

Greg Street (@Ghostcrawler) May 2, 2013 – It’s hard to measure. Probably close overall. My guess is maybe hunters, just because there is less spec attachment.

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